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Airsoft is primarily a recreational activity with replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs that are often used for personal collection, gaming, or professional training purposes. desires to unite air soft users from around the world and become the number #1 resource for those who love the game.

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What You Need To Know About Airsoft Spring Guns +

Unless you are a pro, you cannot spot the difference between airsoft spring guns and the AEGs. You will have to fire them to determine if the power was released by a spring, or by batteries. Try using these in different weather conditions and after a time you will notice...
  • Airsoft Guns – Should You Own One? +

    Most of you already know a lot about BB Guns, but a few of us don’t know much about Airsoft Guns. A big misconception among Gun lovers is that Airsoft Guns are just toys for kids; an Airsoft Gun is anything but a toy to many users. Airsoft Guns come...
  • Airsoft Guns – General Information +

    Airsoft guns are considered replicas of real firearms but not all replicas are Airsoft guns. There are some replicas that don’t have a firing mechanism while others, such as the Real Action Markers, may have a different mechanism and shoot non-Airsoft types of projectiles. This fact alone...